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The theme for Lent this year is about “PLACE.”  We will be using a series titled, “You Are Here” by Barn Geese Worship.  The title serves both as an assurance and proclamation that God is present.  The title recognizes our own individual presence and well as a declaration, “God, you are here!”      

There are two devotion books available this Lent.  The first devotiona booklet is based on the theme, You Are Here and is available in large print and via daily email.  This devotion contains pictures of the places the scriptures mention. Each day has a daily focus focus text, a short reflection, a prayer, an intention for the day, an image from the Holy Lands.  The second devotion is to build up love in the place we spend much time - home.  The title of this book is "40-Day 'Love Builds Up' Family Challenge."  It has a week scripture reading, discussion prompts and a weekly challenge.  It is written in an accessible and playful manner.  It is available via email or printed copy.  Please contact the office to let us know which you would prefer.

In addition to our regular Sunday Worship at 9 a.m., we will be offering midweek worship on Wednesdays at 7 pm from March 2 (Ash Wednesday) through April 6.  The Sunday morning worship is post under the tab "Sermons."  The Wednesday evening worship is available in person only.  Both worship services will follow the sermon series "You Are Here."  The Sunday 9 am sermons will explore how a focus on the various places serve to nurture and deepen our trust in God.  The Wednesday 7 pm sermons will offer opportunities to discuss and pray about contemporary society needs for justice and healing.

This Lent, may you each realize anew that no matter where you are, God can find you.  And, wherever you are – can become a place for resurrection, new life.

                                                                     Peace, Pastor Michelle 

 “You Are Here"  Logo  © 2021 by Barn Geese Worship. Used by permission of Barn Geese Worship. [Material descriptions adapted by Pastor Michelle Elfers.]